the Body Confidence Queen

I'm Vicky…

I know what it’s like to be too busy for your health to be on your list of priorities

Until dementia hit close to home…

A lot of things inspired my journey to body confidence, nutrition and weight loss.

Here’s the most significant one that changed everything…

Over five years ago, my mom was diagnosed with something called Lewy Body Dementia. It’s basically a combination of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s (and all of the things that go along with those diseases) in one. My mom was the kindest, gentlest, most giving person. When she got this diagnosis, I was devastated. She was so giving to me, my sister, and my dad. She was completely devoted to us, and she didn’t take care of herself as she should have. I then began to research the disease. And even though there wasn’t a “cure”, I learned that there were things I could do with nutrition to improve her quality of life as well as extend her life. And my mom’s situation helped me realize at this time that I was on the same path as my mom.

At that moment I knew that If I didn’t make some changes, my life would be shortened and not as fulfilling as it could be.

And so begin my journey of

health and nutrition

I learned how to release weight and keep it off for good despite everything that was going on in my life. 

And once I did that, I knew I needed to share what I learned with busy people like you. That’s how I became the Body Confidence Queen!

My desire, my passion is to inspire as many people as possible to take care of themselves and to become their number one priority in their own life. 

My Promise


As a certified Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner and Nutritional Therapist,  I do not believe in calorie counting.

What you need to know is 

  1. Food is not evil and starving yourself is not an option. In fact, taking this approach will have the opposite effect on your health. Let’s learn how to eat properly for your body.
  2. Food is Simple. No need to spend hours in the kitchen, to turn your life upside down, to give up the food that you love or to feel hungry all the time to reach your goals. There is a simple way to do this and it works.
  3. Food is only a third of your weight loss story. Unfortunately this is what most weight loss programs exclusively want you to focus on: caloric restriction, food group elimination and portion control. The truth is that your stress levels, sleep, environment, negative thoughts, relationship with food, hormones and a lot of other elements directly impact your ability to release weight and be at your healthiest. It needs to be looked at.

Once we work together, you will have the knowledge to never have to diet again.