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The Body Empowerment Club™ (BE Club™) is a nutrition app for busy people who want to learn how to be healthy, release unwanted weight and feel confident in their body without counting calories or starving themselves.

    The quick answer is NO, it is much more than that! The majority of the weight loss programs/apps out there focus solely on food & caloric restriction (controlling portions, reducing calories and eliminating food groups). They are, what I call, the dieting apps. The BE Club offers a different approach:

    No calorie counting or starvation! The objective here is to create a life where you'll will never have to diet EVER again. The Body Empowerment Club gives you the tools and knowledge you need to create this simple and enjoyable lifestyle.

    • It teaches you how to eat in a healthy way while releasing extra weight. In fact, you may end up eating more food than what you're eating now.

    • It addresses other crucial elements of your health that may affect your ability to release unwanted weight, such as stress, sleep, environment, negative thoughts, relationship with food, hormones and much more.

  • Will it still work for me if I have a health condition, food sensitivities, or any specialized eating requirements?

    If that's you, this is exactly why you should join the club. You will be provided with a repertoire of recipes that are either gluten free, dairy free, plant-based, refined-sugar free or nuts-free.

    The Premium Access Plan will give you direct access to a nutrition expert who will work with you to customize a plan that fits your lifestyle and needs.


THE BE Club™

Because you wouldn’t be reading this if you could figure it out on your own.

There is no shame in needing support. In fact, accountability and a support system are essential to succeed. 

You don’t need to wait until the new year starts to make a decision about your health.   

This is where the guessing game ends for you. 

Instead of spending hours looking for the next best diet, join the BE Club™ now 


Before joining the BE CLUB™

What’s the investment?arrow-icon-size3

There are 3 plans to choose from depending on your needs. It is a monthly subscription that renews automatically.

Is there a minimum time commitment?arrow-icon-size3

There is no minimum commitment period. This means, you do not have to stay in the BE Club™ for a minimum period of time. You are free to come and go as you please. Simply let us know.

Can I change plans once enrolled?arrow-icon-size3

Absolutely! You are free to upgrade or downgrade your plan as you evolve in your health journey. Changing your plan is easy and it will be effective the following month. This can be done within your profile once you join. 

I am busy and don't have hours to spend on my health. Should I enrol?arrow-icon-size3

Yes, The BE Club was created with busy professionals and busy parents in mind. No one has time to spend hours prepping meals each week or tracking food each day, let alone counting calories for the rest of your life. 


You will learn how to implement simple and effective changes without turning your whole life upside down.


All material from the program is available on-demand and is broken down into digestible bite-size videos. You can watch in your own time and there is no stress to finish the program in a certain amount of time. 


Plus, as long as you are in the BE Club, all material is available to you. This means, you can refer back to it as many time as you want. 

Will all live sessions be recorded? arrow-icon-size3

Yes. When you enroll in the Community Support or the Premium Access plan, you benefit from live sessions to get your questions answered and get hands-on support along the way. 


ALL LIVE SESSIONS ARE RECORDED for you to refer back to whenever you need.

Will I Actually Lose Weight?arrow-icon-size3

Remember this is not another fad diet or quick fix gig that will get you to starve yourself to get fast results. The goal here is to create long-lasting results.


My promise is to provide you with simple and effective ways to release & manage your weight, along with all the tools you need to see your body and your life transform in a healthy way during our time together and beyond.