7-Day Hormone Reset program

7-Day Hormone Reset program

 A Few Questions You May Have Before You Start…

1. Is this virtual or in person?

This is VIRTUAL. Everything is happening online so you can join from anywhere in the world!

2. What do I need in order to join the program?

You only need to have access to a valid email address. That’s it!

3. Do I need to commit to a daily fixed time to attend?

No. All the days are designed for you to follow along whenever it suits your schedule.

4. Will I get material and menus for this program?

Yes! You will be provided with the following by email prior to the start of the challenge:

  • Hormone Balance Meal Plan (both regular and plant-based meal plans will be provided)
  • Hormone Balance Protocol

Once the challenge starts, you will receive a daily email that will contain a short educational video and an exercise sheet that you will be able to complete as you will see fit.

Hey! I’m Vicky

I am a Nutrition & Hormone Specialist for women experiencing hormonal changes, difficulty losing weight, fatigue and/or stress, who don’t know what to do to address these issues to feel confident in their body again.
I discovered the power of nutrition years ago when my mom was diagnosed with dementia and I was looking for solutions to save her life.
What I discovered enabled me extend my mother’s life and helped me lose the extra weight I was carrying around for years (since the age of 10).
It became my mission to share this knowledge with as many women as possible and help them become the #1 priority in their lives. It’s close to my heart because since my mom passed, every woman I help is a part of her that I keep alive.

7-Day Hormone Reset program