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The scale is skewed towards what society thinks and not what’s ideal for you. With a simple and scientifically proven methodology, I help you uncover and manage your ideal weight the healthy way and equip you with the unshakable confidence to be successful with the body that you want & feels right to you.

We’re a match if your weight issue is not a new problem and you feel like you’ve tried every diet on the planet (yes, even the infamous Cabbage Soup Diet). You may have reached that “society standard” weight at some point but you didn’t feel like yourself, that you belonged in that body and were still focusing on your non-apparent 6-packs abs.

Bottom line
you're ready for a body that

matches your success

Here are 3 different ways I can help you gain the confidence that

Reaching your ideal weight is possible…

Join the body empowerment club

Proven Methodology, Science-Based Information, Tools, Support & Personalized Recommendations!

Join this exclusive club and discover how to nourish your body properly, build your confidence  and love yourself…for real. 

This 6-month coaching program is for you if you’re a female entrepreneur:

  • Ready to crack the code to your body confidence and create sustainable eating & lifestyle habits that last.
  • Craving simple ‘How the heck do I do this’ steps to show up confidently in both your business and personal life.
  • Seeking support of a devoted coach and accountability from a community of like-minded women to create permanent results.

Book a Strategy Session

Diet Deep Dive or VIP Day

During this session we will have a clear look at what you need to maximize your diet, productivity and performance. How to enhance your diet to activate your weight loss and give you more energy. And how to set your priorities and declutter your schedule to stay on track. 

This is also a deep dive into food aspects of your choice: eating speed, eating time, nutrients deficiencies or type food you eat.

You’ll receive a written analysis along with an easy-to-follow strategy for your next best steps.

This is for you if you’re a woman:

  • Looking for professional advice on what’s missing and what approach is best for you.
  • Seeking sustainable strategies instead of quick fixes. (your DIY ways have reached a plateau!)
  • Searching for a trusted professional to walk you through your diet and lifestyle to find out what’s working, what’s missing, and your next best steps

Request Private Coaching

Individual Healthy Weight Loss Blueprint

There are many aspects to consider for successful weight loss and I can help you with a lot of them. From nutrition, mindset, stress/time management and self-care.

We will work hand in hand to give you the body you want and the confidence you need to achieve your next level of success.  

I will be by your side to monitor your progress, encourage positive changes, provide support and adjust course to deliver expected results.

We will start with a 90 minutes conversation to have a clear understanding of what is going on. 

Then, I offer a complete personalized weight loss plan for you to ensure you reach your healthy weight while uplevelling your body confidence, without dieting.

This is for you if you’re a female entrepreneur:

  • Excited for a body that finally matches your success.
  • Looking for undivided attention every step of the way to lose extra weight and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Ready for personalized tools & strategies to transform your body while managing your mind and stepping into your confidence.

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