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Feeling like yourself again is possible.

As your 40’s are approaching, your body is changing, and it is affecting your confidence. What you did in the past to lose weight and stay healthy is no longer working for you. Perimenopause is knocking at the door, new symptoms are surfacing, you don’t feel like yourself anymore, and you are tired all the time.

Optimizing your hormones is key to increasing your energy and unlocking weight loss.

Low energy, bloating, trouble sleeping, weight gain, and hair loss are all symptoms that can be related to hormonal imbalances. Your hormones are responsible for almost all functions in your body. If one hormone is off, chances are many other hormones are off too. They are all interconnected.

Hey! I'm Vicky

Certified Nutrition & Hormone Specialist

I help women optimize their hormones for weight loss and energy.

As a certified nutritional therapist, hormone specialist, and clinical weight loss practitioner, my focus is helping women understand hormonal imbalances, boost their energy, and alleviate undesirable symptoms by providing nutrition support and lifestyle changes. 

My passion for women’s health stems from a deeply personal experience—the diagnosis of my mother with dementia.

What clients say


I signed up for not just a year, but ongoing support for 5 years with Vicky because I want THE BEST person who I can trust to have my back in my corner supporting me.

Thank you for everything Vicky - from the bottom of my heart. For supporting me, for cheering me on even when it looks like nothing is changing as I go through all of these hormonal changes, for helping me navigate a new relationship with food and loving myself.

Andrea I.

Business Owner


I had the opportunity to have Vicky as my coach to support me with my weight loss journey. Thanks to her teaching and coaching, I learnt what kept me from maintaining a healthy weight throughout the years. Vicky is able to bring awareness to bad habits, break them without making you feel bad about it. Thanks to her advise, I lost 20 lbs, and counting, didn't gain it back and my health is much better. Thank you Vicky. 

Nersa D.

Business Owner


J’adore le côté humain de Vicky. Elle est très à l’écoute de nos besoins, toujours joviale, pleine d’énergie et positive. Elle tente toujours de trouver une solution pour répondre à ton besoin. Les outils qu’elle nous fournit son user friendly et efficace. Je conseille fortement à tous de prendre ses services.


Dominique R.

Professional Woman

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Stop trying to figure it out on your own


My transformation was about finding balance in the way I was eating. I started shedding the pounds in less than a month, after years of not getting results, by learning to eat normally and manage my stress. I definitely recommend working with Vicky. You will love the way she explains and follows through with you. Her personality is definitely a bonus.

Thank you!

Carla C.



I was dealing with seasonal depression, no energy, I was not sleeping, I was always tired. I knew that Vicky could help and she was the best person to go to. Since I’ve been working with her I can honestly say I know how to eat better, what to do and what not to do. Vicky helped me understand how my body works! She changed my life!

Regine S.



Having Vicky as my personal coach for the last few months has transformed my relationship with food.  I'm now able to nourish my body as opposed to just feeling full with the wrong foods and I've learnt that I don't have to deprive myself of the foods that I love! It's an investment that I was reluctant to make (because when do we ever put moms first!) but I'm so glad I made it. It truly made the difference in reaching my goals for life! Thanks Vicky!

Madeeha G.

Full-Time Mom